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Phronesis brings together the thought leaders from the mobile network insights and fraud intelligence space. Combining data trust frameworks, Network Biometrics™ and powerful user experience journeys to simplify the complex process of user validation and engagement.

Focusing on the data intrinsic to our everyday lives, Phronesis uses applied Network Biometrics™ to validate the mobile identity of your consumers and customers. Additional Text required to Balance paragraph. Additional Text required to Balance paragraph.


Phronesis’ technology combines deep integration to mobile networks and OpenID pathways, including the GSMA Mobile Connect initiative, to power informed decision making built on a derived data integrity insights utilising Phronesis’ unique Acidity Score™.


Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

About Us

Generalised about us text. The Phronesis team bring’s together expertise from multiple areas within networks, fraud protection and telecommunications. Together we’re delivering fresh insights and assurance to businesess right across industry relating to their customer interactions.


Phronesis’ Number Discovery service validates the existence, availability and current service provider for a mobile phone number (MSISDN), SIM card identity (IMSI) and device identity (IMEI). Enabling businesses to ascertain whether the mobile identity given by a customer or another service provider is genuine and contactable.

Building on Number Discovery, Phronesis’ Number Assurance service adds further confidence that the mobile number provided is not only genuine but is registered to your customer.

Using Phronesis secure levels of in-built assurance and dedicated direct routes to the UK mobile operators, Phronesis is entrusted to deliver mission-critical messages that must reach only their intended recipient.

Phronesis’ powerful contextual location service enables businesses to make real-time and offline decisions that are focused on customer experience and negating the impact of fraudulent behaviour.

Use Cases

Phronesis empowers smart business decisions based on assured mobile number identity.

Use Cases include:

  • first time mobile number registration and customer on-boarding;
  • change of contact information during customer lifecycle;
  • in-transaction risk profiling;
  • out-of-band data qualification; and
  • location awareness planning.